WSDC 2014 Bangkok, Thailand


Elizabeth Baines
St.-Benno-Gymnasium Dresden

Luisa von Bismarck
International School of Frankfurt

Eric Swanson
Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart

Olivia Scalise Gaspar (ranked 10th best ESL speaker 2014!!!)
International School of Frankfurt

Sophia Jaimes-Ramos
Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang

Coach (not in photo): Eva Sule, Estonia

Eva has attended WSDC 2007 in Seoul as a debater and has judged at WSDC 2010 (Doha) and WSDC 2012 (Cape Town), where she broke into the final rounds. She has gathered a lot of coaching experience in her home country of Estonia, including co-coaching the Estonian national team in 2010.

Other delegation members are:
Jana Gilke (Judge)
Khang On (Judge)
Christopher Sanchez (Team Manager/Judge)
Chrstopher Sloan (Judge)
The tournament will take place from 5th-15th AUG 2014.
The 2014 motions were:

R0: THW Ban Children from Becoming Professional Models
R1: THW Ban Unpaid Internships 
R2: THBT Only Liberal Democracies Should Host International Sporting Events
R3: THW Allow Prisoners to Volunteer for Drug Trials in Exchange for a Lighter Sentence
R4: THBT Post-Revolution States Should Delegate Trials of Former Rulers and High Ranking Officials to the ICC
R5: THBT Slum Tourism Does More Than Good
R6: THW Disallow Unvaccinated Children from Attending Public Schools
R7: THW Lift Tax Exemptions from Religious Institutions that Refuse to Recognize Marriage Equality
R8: THW Remove All Patents on Green Technology
Octofinal: THW not Prosecute Defamation
Quarterfinal: THBT Labour Unions are Becoming Obsolete
Semifinal: THBT Drone Strikes are a Legitimate Tool of Foreign Policy
Final: THBT an ASEAN Political Union is an Impossible Dream 

This years's opponents facing Germany at WSDC 2014 in Thailand:

Rd 1: Germany (P) v Singapore (O), prepared WON 2:1

Rd 2: Japan (P) v Germany (O), impromptu WON 3:0

Rd 3: Namibia (P) v Germany (O), prepared WON 2:1 (per dropout rule, Namibia=no-show)

Rd 4: Germany (P) v Ireland (O), impromptu LOST 0:3

Rd 5: USA (P) v Germany (O), prepared LOST 1:2

Rd 6: Germany (P) v Malaysia (O), impromptu LOST 0:3

Rd 7: Germany (P) v Israel (O), prepared WON 3:0

Rd 8: Argentina (P) v Germany (O), impromptu WON 3:0


Final rank: 17 (best non-breaking team, last reached in 2001).

Breaking judges: Jana Gilke, Christopher Sloan

Chief Adjudication Panel judge: Christopher Sanchez 

Team Break 

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