WSDC 2004 Stuttgart, Germany

16th World Schools Debating Championship 2004
WSDC 2004 was held in February 11-21 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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We were enthusiastic when our bid met with such wide acceptance, für there hast been tremendous support from both - schools in and around Stuttgart and from local government institutions. The City of Stuttgart has offered help in a variety of ways, and our local ministry of education has welcomed the competition and supported us where they can.

We are glad that more and more students in Germany are participating and learning to make use of this essentail tool kit called debate. We believe that debate is both a skill and an art because it can be learned, practised and refined.

We will be glad if we succeed in promoting the spirit of debate, shared learning, friendship and mutual understanding in a world of conflicts and the clash of civilizations.

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final team rankings

grand final (20-Feb-04)

prepared: "This House believes that the world is facing a clash of civilisations."

Australia beat South Africa 6:3

invitation (quarter-finals and grand final)

semi-finals (19-Feb-04)
(impromptu: "This House believes that globalisation perpetuates social iniquity.")
South Africa beat Greece 5-2
Australia beat England 6-1

quarter-finals (18-Feb-04)
(impromptu: "This House believes that political parties have too much influence on democratic elections.")
Australia beat Scotland 5-0
South Africa beat Israel 4-1
Greece beat Peru 3-2
England beat Singapore 5-0

octo-finals (18-Feb-04)
(impromptu: "This House believes that the welfare state should be scrapped.")
Australia beat Hong Kong 2-1
South Africa beat USA 2-1
Greece beat Wales 3-0
England beat Indonesia 3-0
Singapore beat Canada 3-0
Peru beat Pakistan 2-1
Israel beat Argentina 2-1
Scotland beat New Zealand 3-0


octo-finals - draw(pdf, 17-Feb-04)

results - Preliminary Rounds(pdf, 17-Feb-04)

booklet (round 1-8 + finals)download (pdf - 1,03 MB)

draw (pdf)

schedule (pdf)


Newsletter 4
This is our last newsletter before we all meet in Stuttgart for what is looking like an action-packed ten days. We have three particular requests, the first to all adjudicators and the second and third to most teams. ...

newsletter 4(pdf)

Newsletter 3
...As you will see, there are a few alterations, mainly refinements, to the schedule; there will certainly be others. However, we all have tried to be so efficient at setting up the programme of activities that this will require only minimal adjustment. We plan to make one or two guides available for each team during the duration of your stay in Stuttgart. ...

newsletter 3(pdf)

Newsletter 2
Since the opening of registration on October 1st we have already had 16 registrations, with a number of old friends among them. Two registrations are from India and South Korea, taking part in the Worlds for the first time; and we have heard that Turkey and China are planning to come. We are accepting only 38 teams altogether, so if you're still dithering, register rapidly or you'll be left out! ...

newsletter 2 (pdf)

Newsletter 1
We are looking forward to seeing you all in Stuttgart in February of next year. These newsletters, of which this is the first of four (see below, "Newsletters"), will serve to inform you of the general state of play in the preparations for the tournament, and of any deadlines, schedules, etc. correct at the time of going to press. ...

newsletter 1 (pdf)

Bid for WSDC 2004
The Debating Society Stuttgart/Germany e.V. would be pleased to host the WSDC in February 2004. Avenues have been explored regarding financing, accommodation and sponsoring, although we have at this stage no final plan. Our experience so far has been confined to annual German Championships with 16 local teams and annual Europe-wide contests also with 16 teams, including the USA and Israel over the past eight years. We have participated in every WSDC since Cardiff in 1995.. ...