WSDC 2006 Cardiff, Wales

18th World Schools Debating Championships 2006 in Cardiff

From 4 to 14 July 2006, the World Schools Debating Championships took place in Wales for the second time. Over 170 competitors, 100 judges and team coaches, and thousands of Welsh students and teachers were part of this memorable event.

36 nations participated in the tournament, making it the largest ever event of its kind.

WSDC 2006 (official website)

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Team Germany for Cardiff 2006:
Alvi, Ahsan - Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart 
Alvi, Mohsan - Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart 
Daniel, Meron - Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart 
Gazou, Anastasia - Salier-Gymnasium, Waiblingen 
Stumpf, Vikoria - Max-Born-Gymnasium, Backnang
Rädler, Helene 
Gutzeit, Raka
Pates, Michael