Senior League South 2013/14

19 MAY 2014

Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart wins Senior League 2013/14! 

Team Karlsgymnasium 2013/14 with coach Fanny Meisel (right). Congratulations!
Second row: Friedrich Balassa, Pascal Beleiu, Jannis Graeve, Andrey Belkin, Nikolas Mattheis, Richard Stefani, Fanny Meisel
First row: Niko Tzingos, Eric Swanson, Konrad Mayer 

Runner-up team from Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Stuttgart with coach Martin Sauer (right). Congratulations!
Stiliani Alexiadou, Salma Gewilli, Medine Rexhaj, Victoria Parafianczuk,
Sarah Gewilli, Teuta Thaqi, Martin Sauer - not in photo: Nelly-Lee Fischer

Final rounds results

Grand Final ('THBT that the EU commission president should be elected by the people')

Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Stuttgart v Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart 0:7


Semifinals ('THW not allow retirement at 63 without reducing the amount of pension paid.

Scheffel-Gymnasium Lahr v Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasoum Stuttgart 2:3
Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang v Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart 2:3


Quarterfinals ('THBT countries of the EU should liberalise their migration policies')

Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart v Pestalozzi-Gymnasium Biberach 3:0
Königin-Olga-Stift Stuttgart v Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang 0:3
Schubart-Gymnasium Ulm v Scheffel-Gymnasium Lahr 1:2
Kolleg St. Blasien v Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Stuttgart 1:2

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Quarterfinals / Semifinals / Grand Final information

Date and venue: Saturday 17th May, at Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang, Maubacher Straße 62, 71522 Backnang.


Welcome 9.15
QF 9.30-11.00
Coffee break 11.00-11.30
SF 11.30-13.00
Lunch 13.00-14.00
GF prep time 14.00-15.30
Grand Final 15.30-17.00
Awards & Certificates 17.00-17.30


b) Motions and sides:
     Quarter-final: Motion: THBT the countries of the EU should liberalise their immigration policies.
                           Sides:      Prop.              Opp.
                                 1.       St Blasien       Kepler Stuttgart
                                 2.       Karls                Pestalozzi
                                 3.       KOSt               Max-Born
                                 4.       Schubart         Scheffel
      Semi-final: Motion: THW not allow retirement at 63 without reducing the amount of pension paid.
                          Sides:      Prop.                      Opp.
                                 1.       Winner of QF4.     Winner of QF1.
                                 2.       Winner of QF3.     Winner of QF2.

25 FEB 2014

Würzburg weekend wrap-up!
Many thanks to all teams and all judges who came to Würzburg to debate rounds 5-8 and made it a pleasurable experience for all involved!

Congratulations to all eight breaking teams!

Final rounds (QF, SF, GF) will take place on 17th MAY at the Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang.

All teams are expected to arrive there and receive their certificates of participation.

Team Ranking after Rounds 1-8
Individual Speaker Ranking (min. three speeches required)

See photo gallery



Next rounds (5-8) will take place at the Würzburg Youth Hostel ('Würzburg Weekend') from 21-23 FEB 2014.

Motions for Rds 5 and 8 are:

TH regrets the forming of a grand coalition to  govern the Federal Republic (Rd5)
TH would follow the example of France and criminalise prostitution (Rd8)

Non-delegation judges registration

See last year's photo gallery


26 NOV 2013


Motion for Round 4 on 30th NOV and 7th DEC is: THBT the Arab spring has failed to usher in social and political change.

Draw and venues for Rounds 3 and 4 (revised) 

28 NOV 2013:

Rd. 3:   (Biberach) Pestalozzi      -      Kepler
         (Backnang) KOSt             -       GBG
                            Andreae      -       Max-Born


 Rd. 4:    (Biberach) Kepler            -      Pestalozzi
              (Backnang) GBG             -     Andreae
                                Max-Born    -     KOSt

 Schubart-GYM is still hosting. There has been a mix-up on FB. Our apologies.

 Venue managers: download Marksheet and Range of marks here.


23 SEP 2013

Senior League South 2013/14 registration is now open! Follow this link to sign up. Looking forward to seeing all of you (again)! New teams are especially welcome! Registration closes on FRI, 13 SEP 2013.

Motion for Round 2 on 28th SEP is: 'THBT the UN Security Council is in need of reform.'

Draw and venues for Rounds 1 and 2

See the Senior League South 2013/14 schedule here.