Junior League 2015/2016

Welcome, new and returning teams to this year's JL season! The co-ordinators Stefan Schuster (KOSt Stgt) and Fanny Meisel (Karls-G. Stgt) can be reached through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

<<< SEASON 2015/16 >>>

Draw of breaking Teams (1-6), who will meet from two teams from Saxony and Hamburg at the JL Final Tournament in Wüzburg on 10-12 JUN 2016.

2016 Finals Tournament Draw

2016 Finals Tournament Schedule

2016 Finals Motions: 

  • THW only allow cars with more than two passengers into inner cities 
  • THW teach civics



Motion for Rd 6 (22nd APR): This house would monitor their children's online and mobile communications

Draw and venues for Rds 5/6 will be available soon.

Rounds 3&4 meeting will take place in the afternoon of 28th JAN 2016. Please find all other dates for JL here. The final tournament date (best six teams plus two guest teams from outside 'South') from 10-12 JUN 2016 is only preliminary and depending on hostel availability, accessibility and feasibility.

See the draw and venues Rds 1 & 2 here.
See the draw and venues Rds 3 & 4 here. (Updated version, 11th DEC 2015)
See the draw and venues Rds 5 & 6 here. (17th MAR 2016)

Motion for Round 4 reads: "This house believes that physical education classes should be co-educational in all year groups"

See you all soon!