Team Germany returns as third best team from Zagreb

11 DEC 2013

From left to right: Laura Alviz, Konstantin Krüger, Nele Sorg, Khang On (Coach/Judge)

By Khang On

I just came back from the Airport, returning from a great debate tournament. Here are some fresh memories put in words:

Our group of debaters consisting of 4 people, Konstantin Klaus , Laura Alviz, Nele Sorg and myself, Khang On (judge/coach), successfully, I must say, attended the Zagreb Worlds Schools Competition. The city alone was already a very good experience offering things like a magnificent architecture, a great Croatian atmosphere and hospitality, great food and a fun nightlife. That is indeed a almost perfect scenery for a debate tournament.

The tournament already started with 2 preliminary rounds on Friday, the 6th , only 5 hours after we landed on Croatian soil. With 34 teams, from different countries, it posed a very culturally diverse tournament, which made it much more interesting, as different people bring lots of different point of views. We ended the the day with 2 wins, making it a perfect start to the tournament. On the next day, there were 4 preliminary rounds. As the tournament had a power-pairing system, which meant that teams only debate against other teams with the same number of wins, it also meant that we now faced tougher opponents who also won 2 debates on the previous day. However, we still managed to win 3 more debates, going on a 5-win streak until they finally had to admit defeat in the last preliminary round against a Romanian team. The tournament also offered a second breakfast on that day, that was good. I ate too much of that, becoming too full to eat lunch only one round after.

Having 5 wins and only 1 loss, we broke third into the quarterfinals!

Sunday- The first debate on that day, was the Quarterfinal against HDD 2 which we managed to win on a 2-1 split decision, thus reaching the Semifinal.

Unfortunately, we then lost the Semifinal on a 1-4 split decision. Ironically, it was against the same team from Romania, against who we already lost once in the preliminary rounds. 

Having reached the Semifinals, it put us, because of high speaking points, on the third place in the overall ranking of the tournament – an incredible achievement! 

I then judged judged the finals that consisted of Romania in Proposition and Busmani 1 in Opposition. Busmani 1 won on a 3:2 split decision. 

Laura Alviz also managed to become the fourth best speaker of the tournament!

As we still had the rest of Sunday to ourselves, we enjoyed the time, by hanging around in the beautiful city centre of Zagreb. We ate traditional Fritule on the main square, for which I was graving for since I first saw it on Friday evening, but didn't have any chance to eat until then. We visited nice coffee shops, Croatians have a lot coffee shops, and then had a very nice dinner in a very good restaurant, Vinadol. We really recommend that, if you want good Croatian food and should ever be in Zagreb.

We ended the night by doing a late night sightseeing at the Zagreb main cathedral.

That pretty much marked the end of a great weekend. A tournament that was well organized, with only minor delays, great motions and a lot of great high-level debates. And lots of fun in Zagreb, Croatia, with a great team.