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In July 2019, Team Germany attended the World Schools Debating Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. Roughly, 60 teams from all over the world attended the tournament. Germany managed to achieve 4 wins at the end of the tournament, winning against teams from Macau, Thailand, Scotland and Oman. One of the speakers, Sarah Grudzinski, had an individual speaker score that placed her in the top 75 speakers of the world. Furthermore, Louisa Brög, a former member of Team Germany broke to the finals as a judge. The tournament, which stepped in as a replacement venue after the events in Sri Lanka during Easter provided for a great tournament, especially looking at the few months they had to organize the event. We hope to improve further our performance for Mexico WSDC 2020.

Team members:

Sarah Grudzinski, AEG Böblingen

Anke Steinwart, KOST Stuttgart

Ibrahim Riaz, UWC Freiburg

Ari Mühlthaler, KOST Stuttgart

Sonja Soko, Dillmann Stuttgart


Konstantin Krüger & Matija Pusnik



Team Germany ends this years WSDC in Croatia with well-deserved 4 wins and 11 ballots. 

This years team members were: 

Louisa Broeg - Hans & Sophie Scholl Gymnasium Ulm

Sebastian Nonn - Friedrich-Abel Gymnasium Vaihingen Enz

Meike Gärtner - Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart

Wenke Steinwart - Königin-Olga-Stift Stuttgart

Anke Steinwart - Königin-Olga-Stift Stuttgart

The team was coached by Konstantin Krüger and Marcus Nonn. 


A picture of the German delegation for WSDC 2018 in front of the beautiful National Theatre.




Team Germany managed to being home three wins in this years WSDC.

The Team consisted of:

Marcus NonnFriedrich-Abel Gymnasium Vaihingen Enz

Meike Gärtner - Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart

Zoé Sandle - Humboldt-Gymnasium Köln

Ria Rosenauer - Karlsgymnasium Stuttgar

Cliodhna Herkommer - Parlergymnasium Schwäbisch Gmünd

This years team was coached by Elizabeth Baines, Laura Alviz and Konstantin Krüger.


A picture of the German delegation for WSDC 2017.






07 MAR 2016

We congratulate the following debaters, who have made it to this year's (home) Team Germany for WSDC 2016! The final team members are:

Barbara Kumpholz - Bertha v. Suttner Oberschule Berlin
Cliodhna Herkommer  - Parler-Gymnasium Schwäbisch-Gmünd
Joke Steinwart  - Königin-Olga-Stift Stuttgart
Judith Benk - United World College Freiburg
Marcus Nonn - Friedrich-Abel-Gymnasium Vaihingen/Enz

The team will be co-coached by Elizabeth Baines and Laura Alviz.

A notable mention goes to the debaters, who have stayed in the selection process as part of the round of the last eight speakers:
Alexander Seitz - Karls-Gymnasium, Stuttgart
Konstantin Krüger - Max-Born-Gymnasium, Backnang
Timothy Meyer - Heidehof Gymnasium, Stuttgart

Good luck to everyone and enjoy the preparations!


The 27th World Schools Debating Championship will take place from 20th-30th JUL 2015 in Singapore.

See the bid document



Elizabeth Baines
St.-Benno-Gymnasium Dresden

Luisa von Bismarck
International School of Frankfurt

Eric Swanson
Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart

Olivia Scalise Gaspar (ranked 10th best ESL speaker 2014!!!)
International School of Frankfurt

Sophia Jaimes-Ramos
Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang

Coach (not in photo): Eva Sule, Estonia

WSDC 2013 has taken place in Antalya, Turkey from

27th January - 6th February 2013




Elizabeth Baines
St.-Benno-Gymnasium, Dresden

Sabrina Lichtenberg
Friedrich-Abel-Gymnasium, Vaihingen/Enz

Luisa Balk
Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium, Stuttgart - Bad Cannstatt

Sophia Jaimes-Ramos

Max-Born-Gymnasium, Backnang

Vincent Andreas Loewe
Landesgymnasium für Hochbegabte, Schwäbisch Gmünd


Jana Gilke
Universität Mannheim


Christopher Sanchez
Max-Born-Gymnasium, Backnang

Christopher Sloan
Parler-Gymnasium, Schwäbisch Gmünd (ret.)

Tournament results for Germany


Rd Pairing Result Motion
1 GER-Autralia, prep 0-3 This house believes that important decisions about children’s health should be made by medical professionals and not by their parents.
2 Denmark-GER, impromptu 3-0 This house would prohibit the media reporting stories that intrude on the private lives of public figures.
3 Qatar-GER, prep 1-2 This house supports greater US military presence in East Asia.
4 GER-South Korea, impromptu

Following the GSDC 2011 final at Patch High School, ten applicants for the World Schools Debating Championship 2012 in Capetown, South Africa have been selected and interviewed. The delegation consists of the following debaters:

Bhavesh Argaval - Heinrich-v-Gagern-GYM, Frankfurt am Main
Louisa Benk - Parler-GYM, Schwäbisch Gmünd
Antonia Schmidt - St. Benno-GYM, Dresden
Sophia Jaimes-Ramos, Max-Born-GYM Backnang
Felix Jiang - Landesgymn. f. Hochbegabte, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Coach: Marie Schreier, University of Tübingen

Klaus-Peter Heil, Parler-GYM, Schwäbisch Gmünd
Christopher Sanchez, Max-Born-GYM, Backnang

Congratulations delegation members and enjoy the preparations!

Newspaper articles on the Germany team:

Find them on ...

Germany lost both debates in split decisions today (2:1 v Hong Kong and 2:1 to Czech Republic), which leaves us with three wins, five losses, three of them split - that's ten ballots. Sadly, the tournament is over for us, but it's been great having Dilek, Viola, Karoline, Felix, Kai and coach Jana on the delegation in Dundee who have left a great impression on everyone nonetheless, and have been great assets to representing Germany at WSDC. Thank you very much and see you again in Capetown 2012!


22nd World Schools Debating Championships

8th - 19th February 2010 in Doha, Qatar

WSDC 2010(official website)

Congratulations go out to our national team, who took part in the 2010 World Schools Debating Championships in Doha, Qatar. They won 5 of 8 debates (something never achieved by a German team before) and came 24th of 57. In addition, they were the third best EFL (English as a Foreign Language) team, with Leonie Beyrle the top EFL speaker of all and Inka Mößinger 5th best.
This is a stunning achievement and our good wishes and congratulations go out to the team (Leonie Beyrle, Inka Mößinger, Katrin Sadroschinski, Dilek Sevinc and Max Stumpp) and to their coach, Jana Gilke!






Motions at WSDC 2010
(a) for the prepared


21st World Schools Debating Championships

(9-19 February) in Athens:

WSDC 2009 (official website)

German Team:

Deiss, Valerie; Korb
Moessinger, Inka; Winnenden
Riesch, Jannike; Stuttgart 
Schreier, Vivian; Oppenweiler
Stumpp, Max; Ludwigsburg

Gilke, Jana; Mannheim

Whitehead, David; Backnang

World Schools Debating Championships 2008 inWashington, D.C., 5-15 September, German Team:

Belafi, Carmen; Murrhardt
Deiss, Valerie; Korb
Dressel, Leonie; Stuttgart 
Gilke, Jana; Backnang-Heinigen
Seethaler, Franziska; Böblingen

Laux, Sven; Bietigheim-Bissingen

Hoeness, Angelika; Korb
Heil, Klaus-Peter; Mutlangen
Trefz, Birgit; Aspach

report (in English)

Pressemitteilung (in German)

WSDC Team rankings

WSDC Top 50 speakers

WSDC 2008 (official website)

WSDC 2007 in Seoul, German Team:

Coach Nico Bodenschatz, Debaters: Franziska Wangler, Edward Garnier, Jana Gilke, Sven Laux, Leonie Dressel

Leonie Dressel, Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart
Edward Garnier, Landesgymnasium f. Hochbegabte, Schwäbisch Gmünd
Jana Gilke, Max-Born-Gymnasium, Backnang
Sven Laux, Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart
Frnaziska Wangler, Max-Born-Gymnasium, Backnang


Nico Bodenschatz, Backnang

Christopher Sloan, Parler-Gymnasium Schwäbisch Gmünd

report (Backnanger Kreiszeitung, July 2007)

18th World Schools Debating Championships 2006 in Cardiff

From 4 to 14 July 2006, the World Schools Debating Championships took place in Wales for the second time. Over 170 competitors, 100 judges and team coaches, and thousands of Welsh students and teachers were part of this memorable event.

36 nations participated in the tournament, making it the largest ever event of its kind.

WSDC 2006 (official website)

report "a time to make friends"

Team Germany for Cardiff 2006:
Alvi, Ahsan - Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart 
Alvi, Mohsan - Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart 
Daniel, Meron - Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart 
Gazou, Anastasia - Salier-Gymnasium, Waiblingen 
Stumpf, Vikoria - Max-Born-Gymnasium, Backnang
Rädler, Helene 
Gutzeit, Raka
Pates, Michael

17th World Schools Debating Championships 2005

More than 150 of the best senior high school debaters from 31 nations around the world participate in the 2005 ConocoPhillips World Schools Debating Championships in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is Calgary's first time hosting the 17th annual event, which runs from February 11- 18 with a total of 140 matches at 40 schools throughout the city and area.

To promote an understanding and impact of issues on a global scale 
To achieve excellence in debating
To encourage debating throughout the world
To promote international understanding
To promote free speech
To promote the importance of communication within the Calgary School System and the Calgary Community

Grand Final: Result
Australia beat England (5-2), motion: "This House believes that the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council should not have veto power."

wsdc 2005: official website

wsdc 2005: Blog and Results

German Team:

Christine Blume, Taus-Gymnasium


16th World Schools Debating Championship 2004
WSDC 2004 was held in February 11-21 in Stuttgart, Germany.

queries?This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We were enthusiastic when our bid met with such wide acceptance, für there hast been tremendous support from both - schools in and around Stuttgart and from local government institutions. The City of Stuttgart has offered help in a variety of ways, and our local


15 th World Schools Debating Championship 2003
WSDC 2003 was held in August 6th - 15th in Lima, Peru.

German team:

Kirschner, Adele
Kloepfer, Matthias
Langguth, Tobias
Stutz, Andrea
Ulrichs, Martina
Raedler, Helene
Butzko, Ellen
Hoeness, Angelika
Pates, Michael
Soiniemi, Mikko
Trefz, Birgit

Grand Final: Result
Australia beat Singapore (6-1), motion: "This House would end the war on drugs."


newsletter 2 (pdf, 133 KB)

newsletter 1 (pdf, 104 KB)

14 th World Schools Debating Championship 2002

WSDC 2002 was held inJanuary 20th - February 3rdin Singapore.

Ireland defeated Australia (4-3)
Motion: This House believes that the media has become too powerful.

German team:

Lukas Behr, Wirtemberg-Gymnasium Stuttgart 
Michaela Böttinger, Salier-Gymnasium Waiblingen
Martin Kilgus, Salier-Gymnasium Waiblingen
Johann-Friedrich Fleisch, Wilhelm-Raabe-Schule Hannover
Helene Rädler, Königin-Olga-Stift Stuttgart
Mikko Soiniemi, Wirtemberg-Gymnasium Stuttgart 
Michael Pates


Beginning in November 2001 team Germany prepared for the World Schools Debating Championships in Singapore. At this point in time it was obvious that international debating demands extensive efforts. Four of the eight motions for the preliminary rounds were announced in advance. We did not know, however, whether we'd be on proposition or opposition side. This fact accounted for much work in advance: We had to gather background


13 th World Schools Debating Championship 2001

WSDC 2001 was held in January 29th - February 7th in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Grand Final: Result
Australia beat Scotland (5-2), motion: "This House believes that compensation should be paid for the injustices committed by previous generations."

German team:

Maria Arapakis
Franziska Holder
Raphael Pirker
Johanna Sieveking
Mikko Soiniemi
Tanja Wolf
Angelika Höneß
Michael Pates