With the last days of summer upon us it is high time to look foreward to next summer and some warmer climates. Next year's World Schools Debating Championship will take place  from 23rd July - 2nd August in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

In order to determine which 3-5 students will have the honour of representing Germany at this prestigious competition we will conduct a multi step team selection. More information on the whole selection process aswell as some ideas on what can be expected when becoming part of the national squad or team can be downloaded here.

Everyone is welcome to apply for the national team. Registrationis open until 23rd September 2018.

As the first step of the process  all applicants will meet for a weekend of debates, impromptu speaking tasks and interviews. This selection weekend will take place on 29th -30th September 2018.

The coaches and a team of experienced judges will then narrow down the applicants to the National Squad consisting of approx. 8-10 debater, who will


We are happy to introduce you to this years national team coaches:

WSDC National Team: 

Konstantin Krüger – Head Coach

Law student in Heidelberg, Germany

Matija Pusnik – Assistant Coach

International Relations student in Ljubljana, Slovenia

After having been team manager in 2017 and coach in 2018, Konstantin will return as head coach of Team Germany 2019 this year. He has coached school teams and the national teams for a few years now.  Konstantin has broken in several national and international debate competitions both as a speaker and as a judge. He will try to make use of his experience to coach the team to the best of his ability. Following a year of judging and coaching in his home country, Slovenia, Matija will be the new assistant coach for Team Germany 2019.  As a speaker, he represented Slovenia at two WSDCs and won several international tournaments. As he has learned debating in the Slovenian circuit, he hopes to enrich the coaching with new perspective this year.




Team Germany ends this years WSDC in Croatia with well-deserved 5 wins and 11 ballots. 

This years team members were: 

Louisa Broeg - Hans & Sophie Scholl Gymnasium Ulm

Sebastian Nonn - Friedrich-Abel Gymnasium Vaihingen Enz

Meike Gärtner - Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart

Wenke Steinwart - Königin-Olga-Stift Stuttgart

Anke Steinwart - Königin-Olga-Stift Stuttgart

The team was coached by Konstantin Krüger and Marcus Nonn. 


A picture of the German delegation for WSDC 2018 in front of the beautiful National Theatre.




Team Germany managed to being home three wins in this years WSDC.

The Team consisted of:

Marcus NonnFriedrich-Abel Gymnasium Vaihingen Enz

Meike Gärtner - Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart

Zoé Sandle - Humboldt-Gymnasium Köln

Ria Rosenauer - Karlsgymnasium Stuttgar

Cliodhna Herkommer - Parlergymnasium Schwäbisch Gmünd

This years team was coached by Elizabeth Baines, Laura Alviz and Konstantin Krüger.


A picture of the German delegation for WSDC 2017.






07 MAR 2016

We congratulate the following debaters, who have made it to this year's (home) Team Germany for WSDC 2016! The final team members are:

Barbara Kumpholz - Bertha v. Suttner Oberschule Berlin
Cliodhna Herkommer  - Parler-Gymnasium Schwäbisch-Gmünd
Joke Steinwart  - Königin-Olga-Stift Stuttgart
Judith Benk - United World College Freiburg
Marcus Nonn - Friedrich-Abel-Gymnasium Vaihingen/Enz

The team will be co-coached by Elizabeth Baines and Laura Alviz.

A notable mention goes to the debaters, who have stayed in the selection process as part of the round of the last eight speakers:
Alexander Seitz - Karls-Gymnasium, Stuttgart
Konstantin Krüger - Max-Born-Gymnasium, Backnang
Timothy Meyer - Heidehof Gymnasium, Stuttgart

Good luck to everyone and enjoy the preparations!


The 27th World Schools Debating Championship will take place from 20th-30th JUL 2015 in Singapore.

See the bid document


11 DEC 2013

From left to right: Laura Alviz, Konstantin Krüger, Nele Sorg, Khang On (Coach/Judge)

By Khang On

I just came back from the Airport, returning from a great debate tournament. Here are some fresh memories put in words:

Our group of debaters consisting of 4 people, Konstantin Klaus , Laura Alviz, Nele Sorg and myself, Khang On (judge/coach), successfully, I must say, attended the Zagreb Worlds Schools Competition. The city alone was already a very good experience offering things like a magnificent architecture, a great Croatian atmosphere and hospitality, great food and a fun nightlife. That is indeed a almost perfect scenery for a debate tournament.


Elizabeth Baines
St.-Benno-Gymnasium Dresden

Luisa von Bismarck
International School of Frankfurt

Eric Swanson
Karlsgymnasium Stuttgart

Olivia Scalise Gaspar (ranked 10th best ESL speaker 2014!!!)
International School of Frankfurt

Sophia Jaimes-Ramos
Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang

Coach (not in photo): Eva Sule, Estonia

Team Germany attended the World Schools Debate Academy in Kranjska Gora during the first week of July and successfully debated its way through to the tournament final, where it has been defeated by the closest decision possible, a 4-3 by proposing team Qatar. Congratulations tournament winners and much praise for our speakersDilek Sevinc, Karoline Schlotthauer, Viola Schramm, Kai Ohmstedt and Felix Jiang, the latter two also winning positions three and four on the best speakers list! Dilek Sevinc ranks eighth! Well done!

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